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Pureganics Aloe Vera Gel for face lays the natural skin nourishment and moisturizing property. The gel securely performs skin hydrating and exfoliating processes to regenerate new skin cells. Based on pure aloe vera leaf the gel protects the face from several unwanted skin conditions.Pureganics natural Aloe Vera Gel 60ml pack acts as a face cleanser for both dry and oily skin types. Regular application of this aloe leaf gel promotes skin tone and texture. WHY PUREGANICS ALOE FACE GEL?
  • Enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E that helps in lighten discoloration around the eyes and puffiness.
  • Acts as a natural remedy for sunburn or burnt skin and helps to generate new skin cells and retain moisture.
  • Prevents from bacteria build-up that causes pimples and acne, also speeds up the healing process.
  • Reduces visible wrinkles, fine lines, and premature aging and radiance.
  • It lightens, whitens, and brightens the skin naturally while leveling up moisture level.
  • Pure aloe vera gel with wound-healing abilities helps fight breakouts and repairs it rapidly.
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Pureganics Activated Charcoal Face 60ml Pack is an amazing collection of active carbon with aloevera, neem, and mint. Charcoal face cleanser cream removes toxins and impurities to make your skin more clear and youthful.Sulfate and Paraben free charcoal product with natural ingredients without any chemicals. Charcoal for face deeply penetrates within the pores while removing excess oil from the skin without bothering or drying. WHY PUREGANICS CHARCOAL FACE PACK?
  • The face pack provides hydration, deep purification, and toning effects of charcoal.
  • Activated Charcoal & Clay together cleanse pores clogged with dirt, oil & other impurities.
  • Best charcoal face pack with herbs formula that gives an instant glow.
  • Activated charcoal for skin improves complexion by giving you a natural and instant glow.
  • Filled with anti-pigmentation and anti-aging properties.
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Based on herbal formula Pureganics Aloe Wash for Face is a traditional natural skincare product for men and women. Prepared from aloe plant Pureganics Aloe Vera face wash gel gives refreshing skin without any harm. It helps to get a positive effect on achieving a soothing and nourishing face. Without upsetting the skin's regular dampness mantle it suits all skin types, including delicate skin. Despite its powerful cleansing action, aloe face gel tones, hydrates, and exfoliates the skin and washes away all traces of impurities. WHY PUREGANICS ALOE WASH FOR FACE:
  • Result oriented aloe face wash to accomplish skin moisturizing and nourishment requirements naturally.
  • Acts as natural face cleanser it is an ideal daily use product to achieve healthy and glowing skin.
  • In-fused with Acne busters, an anti-acne active calm down the skin and gives radiance.
  • It can be used as a natural pimple remedy to get flawless and scar-free skin.
  • Aloe gel for face helps your skin in retaining its moisture and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Natural remedies for skin whitening, instant glow, and regenerating damaged skin cells.
  • 100% natural and paraben-free face wash for oily and dry skin.
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Pureganics Activated Chlorophyll face mask with micronutrients regenerates new skin cells and gives radiant skin. A complexion-perfecting treatment that targets impurities to restore healthy, balanced, and clear skin. Chlorophyll face mask stimulates with anti-aging enzymes and encourages youthful skin.Pureganics Chlorophyll natural face pack cream is enriched with several herbs like aloe vera, neem, and fuller earth that help you to improve your skin naturally. With mineral clay properties face pack extracts dirt and impurities. WHY PUREGANICS CHLOROPHYLL PACK FOR SKIN:
  • Performs amazing germ-killing action and help fight skin breakouts.
  • Destroy pesky germs that can lead to infection by– its alkaline formulation.
  • Filled with magnesium which is vital for the skin as it helps to get oxygen to all cells and tissues.
  • Act as skin-protecting antioxidants and natural sunscreen substitute.
  • Vitamin A, C, E, and K help in wrinkle reduction, brown spots, and smoothing the rough patches.
  • Natural toners and acne/pimple fighter, treat redness, blemishes & breakouts.
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Introducing an advanced natural antioxidant cocoa product for all skin types. Pureganics Coffee Bean Scrub 60ml pack for face rejuvenates the damaged skin cells, prevents skin pollution, and improves blood circulation.Pureganics Coffee face scrub is prepared with Oak bark, Aloe Vera, and Wheat Germ oil formula. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of Oak, skin moisturizing and nourishing power of Aloe vera, and Vitamin E property of Wheat germ oil. WHY PUREGANICS COFFEE BEANS FOR FACE?
  • An effective coffee bean exfoliator helps reduce appearance of cellulite.
  • It acts as a stimulant that gives you less tired-looking eyes.
  • Coffee scrub for skin gives an instant glow with fresh and youthful skin.
  • Rich in Vitamin B-3 and helps in removing dark circles.
  • New coffee bean moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Gives flawless soothing skin with perfect size cocoa granules.
  • Natural coffee face exfoliator for dry and oily skin.
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Pureganics Strawberry Seed Scrub is an excellent exfoliating face scrub made to isolate all dead and dull skin cells. Based on the strawberry seed formula Pureganics natural face scrub helps you achieve all skincare goals. 100% natural cleanser for oily skin that removes surface grime and unclogs blocked pores. The collagen in fresh strawberry seed helps with wrinkle formation and skin aging.Pureganics Strawberry scrub is an absolute game-changer for all skin types. It minimizes the appearance of pores & hydrates skin providing a breakout treatment.WHY PUREGANICS STRAWBERRY SEEDS SCRUB
  • The acidic nature of strawberries removes excess oil on the skin, which is one of the primary reasons for acne.
  • Strawberries contain vitamin C which is known for lightening skin, and for making it more supple and smooth.
  • Pureganics Strawberry face wash has exfoliating properties to eliminate dead cells and blackheads.
  • The potency of antioxidants helps to fight free radicals from breaking down collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.
  • Its anti-inflammatory property helps reduce some of the inflammation associated with acne.
  • Best for lightening skin, especially where blemishes and scars are concerned.
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